Why Florence is the "warmest" city in Italy

Temperatures in Florence, Italy, are more unpredictable because of its position in the valley, but they usually range from 30 to 80 during the year. While this is no proving evidence that Florence is the warmest city temperature wise, there are so many aspects that bring Florence its warmth. One of the three giants of Italy, Florence sits on the Arno River with pleasant bridges, streets, buildings, and views. The following are Florence features that permeate genuine warmth.


The sun reliably beams its face down on Florence throughout the year. Clouds come and go, but Florence is abnormally sunny even when cooler temperatures are reached. The radiant rays of sun liven the city and create a tangible and figurative warmth. Golden hour causes the river to sparkle and produces an unmistakable glow to every building, street, and piece of art. Although the sun may not give off a year-round heat in Florence, the warmth of the sunshine remains for a majority's time.


It is general knowledge that certain colors give off a certain warmth, whereas other colors have cooler correlations. Florence contains a palette of appropriate warm colors. Bursting shades of orange and yellow fill the streets of Florence. Even the roofs of buildings have a consistent dark orange color to them. The warm, bright colors of the narrow streets affect the overall mood of the city in the best way possible. Color psychology is powerful, and warm colors are known to create feelings of comfort and warmth. Simply walking down the streets or across bridges in Florence is a delightful experience and will brighten your mood.

Bridge over Arno River in Florence*

Bridge over Arno River in Florence*

The happenings in the streets of Florence, Italy, also make you feel the deep warmth this place has to offer. The Italian locals are, well, very Italian and consequently very lively and warm. The stereotypical Italian personality is very sunny and boisterous, causing the streets of Florence to be bright with laughter and spirited conversations.

This warmth of the streets does not expire when the sun sets. On the contrary, the streets are alive at night with bright lights and carefree locals flooding the streets. The ambiance is charged and aglow, and while you may not be able to see many stars, roaming the streets at night is a necessary experience in Florence. Art sculptures are lit up everywhere, restaurants are moving at full swing, and gatherings of friends accumulate in the streets. Even in less crowded areas, the streets have a peaceful fervor to them. Weaving through streets at any time and witnessing locals cheerfully chatting and eating together under the sparkling strung lights of restaurants will make you feel comforted, at home, and warm inside. 


This could be partly because my friends and I had just been to one of the most dangerous cities in Europe the day prior, but when we arrived in Florence, we felt so safe. You don't have to be apprehensive when exploring or walking around. Many big tourist cities are notorious for pickpocketing, and of course, you should always be wise when traveling anywhere with prestigious tourist attractions. However, Florence is relatively safe, and you don't have to think twice about walking a couple miles through the city at night. Because the streets are so bright, this leaves little concern for any peril. Where you feel safe, you feel a noticeable warmth. 


Just ask around; Florence is clean. Corners aren't littered with cigarettes butts, and apartments aren't dingy or sketchy. The city is beautifully kept, and its cleanliness sparkles and shines. This is probably because Florence is known for its art, class, and fashion. This high-class city is as spotless as a tourist city can get. The white plazas filled with art create a clean ambiance. Hygenic areas are known to make a person feel comforted, peaceful, and even healthy.


"Style" encompasses many aspects of Florence's culture but especially fashion and art. The artistry of Florence contributes to its warmth and its general high-class atmosphere. The city contains the most well-known masterpieces in the world. There are two huge art museums that make up the city's repertoire. In the Galeria de Academia stands the powerful David. Michelangelo's sculpture is a crazy marvel and can be called nothing less. I had heard about this sculpture my whole life and frankly, wasn't too interested. However, I stood in absolute awe at the perfection of it. Although David is the star, the Galeria de Academia has many other artworks too. This museum is well worth the ticket, and there is a warm Renaissance flair in every nook of this place. 

Michelangelo's David*

Michelangelo's David*

The Uffizi museum is also saturated in a Renaissance glow and contains many well-known and precious masterpieces. The birth of Venus, Laocoon and his sons, Doni Tondo, and other works by Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci are a few examples of wonderful works of art in the Uffizi museum. 

In regards to its style, Florence is one of the fashion capitals of the world. It is a center for fashion shows and runways, and there are also some highly revered shopping locations. The class and beauty of fashion is part of Florence's culture, and this culture is what makes it bright and warm. 


There are plenty of sites to see that emit a warm Renaissance feeling that you can only get in Florence. The Duomo is one of these sites that just radiates beauty and precision. The Duomo is the symbol of Florence and was built by Renaissance genius Brunelleschi. This man wanted the Italian city to have a cathedral, but a cathedral that could stand out. Therefore, he decided to cut a hole in the top of the cathedral and construct a dome. Today, this building scrapes the skyline and shines warmly at all times of day. For a small fee, tourists can climb to the top and enjoy a view of Florence city. However, in my opinion, this view is lacking one crucial item: the Duomo itself! An outlook of Florence is incomplete without the Duomo. 

The Duomo

The Duomo

For the completed, superior outlook, I would recommend doing some upward climbing. When my friends and I were in Florence, we saw some stairs on the other side of the river and just started climbing. After a bit of an elevated stroll, you will arrive at Piazzele Michelangelo. This is a popular square with a replicated statue of David towering in the middle. The outlook of Florence is incredible, and the high-standing Duomo is probably the best part of it. There are swarming tourists in this area, and from my experience, the best is even higher. Keep making your way up, and you will come to an old graveyard and cathedral. This place is quite the site; it's remote, mysterious, and holy. On the patio outside the cathedral is an even wider and better view of Florence. This location is full of such warmth that it translates to your inner core. 

View from cathedral

View from cathedral


Like the buildings and sites, the surrounding scenery of Florence is stunning. The river flows around the edges of the city and brings a natural life to any bypassers. The Apennine mountains shine their beauty from a distance, and trees line streets and sidewalks. Florence possesses a flawless nature that goes along with its warm theme. In the fall, the trees are a glimmering gold, and other seasons are green and sunny. The scenery of Florence produces an appealing backdrop for a walk or a view. 

Florence city from up high

Florence city from up high


Florence may not be the most popular city in Italy, and it may not be the hottest, but its setting is the warmest. When exploring the inner and outermost parts of this historical Italian city, you will no doubt come to the same conclusion and description: warm and beautiful. 

By: Hannah Veldkamp

*Photo Credit: Bridge over Arno River in Florence and Michelangelo's David - Hannah Halloran