Traveling isn't just about us...

Sure, traveling will change us. It will mold us into cultural beings that long after new sights, sounds, and experiences. We'll have more memories to add to our book, more destinations to cross off the list, more foods to experiment cooking, more photographs to edit, and more mementos from our trip. But there is a pattern here: focusing on ourselves.

Our focus isn't merely selfish. Traveling with purpose signifies making an impact on this beautiful world and loving it by promoting sustainability.

How will the magnificent beauty of the world continue if we take and don't give? We cannot visit a stunning piece of nature and let it pour into us without pouring back into it. Our goal to change the world will be fulfilled through supplying clean water to places without it, aiding victims of natural disaster, and leaving a site better than we found it.

Small decisions make a difference.

If all travelers made continuous, seemingly minuscule decisions to travel more sustainably, we'd have a completely different planet: most likely a world with even better preserved beauty. Research says that buses, trains, and ships cause the least environmental harm. Depending on the number of people traveling, cars are also a sustainable way to travel. For example, if someone is traveling alone, riding a plane would actually be more eco-friendly, but a road trip would be better if there is a group of people. 

What would happen if all travelers used refillable water bottles instead of plastic ones? What would be the impact if all travelers picked up trash they saw on hiking trails? What could happen if all travelers were fully invested in the places they were going to and volunteered in the community? What about if everyone packed lightly and didn't go overboard with the harmful chemicals of beauty products? 

Travelers can get trapped in the mindset of being entitled to go anywhere, to walk on any land, and to act as the dominant owners of wherever they are visiting. That's just it. Travelers are visiting. Just as we'd take care of our houses and our bodies, we need to take care of the land we visit. Even if a particular site doesn't have any human inhabitants, there are most certainly animals or plants that call the site their home. 

But often, the places we travel to are full of normal humans just trying to get by with their everyday life. Tourists are notorious for consuming everything good of a destination and leaving negative results. This happens because of being entitled about our vacation and our time to unwind and relax.

Instead of touring a site and demanding the most luxurious thing it has to offer, tourists should immerse themselves in the culture where they are. Instead of choosing the corporate hotels and resorts, travelers can support locally owned hotels and boost the economy. To travel well and sustainably, we must serve the community, volunteer, invest our money in family-owned restaurants and shops, and even try to learn the language of wherever we are going. 

How are travelers being sustainable? 

Some people are embracing sustainability, and Amazing Travel Beauty want to applaud these type of individuals:

  •  Travel blogs like Travel Blogging Calendar promote nonprofits like Save Elephant Foundation, a sanctuary with a dedication to preserve the elephants of Asia.
    • This foundation allows tourists to volunteer, donate, sponsor an elephant, and learn about the precarious situations of some wildlife.
  • Other environmentally aware travelers have backpacked across Europe with a bike as their only means of transportation.
    • This is a fantastic way to reduce pollution, see the world from a different angle, and get exercise! 
  • Others are traveling to India and helping in well-construction processes. 

Bringing water to rural areas that desperately crave it is what sustainability stands for. Travelers can and should partake in projects like this. We need to research ways we can get involved and help out in whatever destination we choose to go to.

We at Amazing Travel Beauty are not part of sustainability to follow with the trends and then forget about it once society forgets about it. Our purpose goes deeper than that. We will travel to sustain sustainability and everything it stands for. We openly cherish the land, the people, and the cultures of this planet and acknowledge that it all needs to be protected. Sustainability is key to the protection of the wonders of the world.

Amazing Travel Beauty is for sustainability and loving this world rightly. Are you?

For more information about specific sustainability projects, check out Save Elephant Foundation and The Water Project